Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Give Discounts?

No. We do however give more than paid for. We may also have the ocasional promotion.

I Don't Know What To Order, What Do You Recommend?

That's ok. Just tell us 1) Your budget 2) The occasion 3) How many people you are expecting 4) Any dietary requirements. Give us 24 hours to propose 3 different menus to choose from. You are not obliged to commit to it and can amend as you see fit.

Can I Collect My Order?

From our kitchen in Paddington. The address is:
5 Hogan Mews
Porteus Road
W2 1UP When will my order be ready to collect? Pick up is between 1pm and 8pm on your nominated date.

How Much Food Do I Need?

Party Nibbles When serving canapés, allow 8 - 10 per person at a drinks party, or 4 - 5 as pre-meal appetisers. Barbecue
Do offer more than one variety of meat, and remember to cater for everyone with some fish, veggie and vegan options. Picnic Food The more choices you have, the less of each you'll need - people will take a bit of everything. Sweet Treats If you're going down the route of mix-and-match mini desserts rather than a single large one, allow 3 - 4 per person.

What If I'd Like Something Not On Your Menu?

Ask us about it anyway. A lot of what you see on here are as a result of clients requesting it. If we can source it responsibly, we will get and prepare it for your gathering. If its something we can't do, we can put you in touch with other excellent service providers.

Is There A Minimum Order Amount?


How Do I Make Payment?

Debit or Credit Card || PayPal || Bank Transfer.

Can I Place An Order Over The Phone, By Email Or On Social Media?

Yes. 07593315155 || || Facebook or Google My Business. You will still be required to pay for the order online.

How Much Notice Do I Need To Give For Delivery Of An Order?

Check the relevant product to see how many days we need to prepare and deliver your order (between 24 hours and 5 days). Place an order before 2pm for items requiring 24 hours notice.

Can I Change The Quantities Of The Food I Order?

We have fixed volumes so you can only increase the number of platters required.

How Will My Order Arrive?

The food arrives on beautifully presented plastic platters and is ready to serve. Please note that platters cannot be put in the oven or microwave.​ We recommend that the food is consumed within 24 hours of delivery

Do You Do On-site Catering For Events, Conferences, Weddings And So On?

We provide food for absolutely any event but just as a drop-off service. We do not attend or serve at events.

When Will My Order Be Ready To Collect?

Pick up is between 1pm and 8pm on your nominated date.