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Small Chops Chronicles

Recipe makeovers - Why bother getting a recipe only to re-imagine it by changing some fundamental elements or key components?

Is it a risk? Absolutely, you have no idea how your creation will be perceived or received. Some are purists; I know I am when it come to some things. For example, I absolutely ADORE vanilla ice cream, as far as I'm concerned vanilla ice cream IS ice cream. Every other flavour is an also ran. Sure I try them now and again, I found myself loving some (salted caramel) and being disappointed by others I thought would be just pure heaven (coconut). Anyway, enough about my ice cream diaries.

Fortune Favours The Bold

How many ways have I mixed things up, you ask? A number of ways, three of which are extremely successful. I experimented with plantain and discovered donuts and cakes; did the same with hot dogs and got a little bit of a cult loyalty and the riskiest of them all, tinkering with the almighty #meatpie. Someone get her out of the kitchen!

Who does this woman think she is?? The effrontery! Yeah, yeah..Whatevs! What's the point of doing exactly what's been done time and time again? Where's the excitement? Where's the adventure? Wait a minute...Does this mean I am pre-disposed to gambling? Does this imply that I'm not risk averse? Perhaps I should take this penchant into a whole new direction... like forex trading. I keep seeing articles about kids earning big money doing the latter..

To The Victor The Spoils

It's very gratifying to see your creations being enjoyed by others. I sometimes task myself asking ''what else do I have to give?' But, that's dangerous. Why? It's because that question is a little more navel gazing and a lot less about a catering service provider adding value.

Stay True To The Vision

Steve Jobs said 'It comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don't get on the wrong track or try too much.' I often find myself wandering down mental paths that are just ego exercises rather than what would serve my customers' needs in a superlative way. People shop amazing party food from me, pure and simple. I am a caterer who specialises in yummy canapés and small chops with a side hustle in delicious authentic suya. I need to sell what people want to eat or enjoy eating. My creative instinct must always be restrained by that.

Have A Go

Are you going to try re-imagining a #recipe or two? I love the process of trying to work out the reasons why it should work. For years, I thought I wasn't creative and used to shy away from anything I believed required something I felt I didn't have to give. However, in the last 5 years, particularly the last 3, I know now that this just isn't true. In fact, it's quite the opposite, I have way more ideas than I can reasonably explore!

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